Dress Clothing With Hat


Today, I would like to introduce my style uses a hat.

Wearing it on a 3P suit makes it look very classic.

The suit is gray, but I picked up the color of the tie and shoes and matched it with the brown of the hat.





The camel coat also goes well with brown.

If you choose a brown hat at this time, the camel color is recommended for the coat.

Of course, a brown coat is fine, but camel color is recommended as it creates more luxurious atmosphere.



Actually, this is my first time wearing a hat.

My boss is very good at incorporating hats into his style.

Last time he showed off in a suit style.

This time, he showed off his hat style with a check shirt and denim dressed down coordination.

He matches the colors of denim and hats, and matches the colors of shirts and socks.

Mr. Sasamoto is the most dressy hat style in RING JACKET.

I’m not familiar with it yet, but I want to gradually increase the frequency of wearing hats so that I can get used to it.

Let’s challenge new item into your style.



Sales DIV. General Manager Mr.SASAMOTO

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Whole Sale DIV Staff. Mr.MIZOBATA

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